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World Wide Tattoo Conference 2012 Preview of Artists - Buy Tickets at

Six of the World's most famous Tattoo Artists will gather together in the Chicago area to share their expertise and experiences. 2 days of full immersion into the secrets that made Guy Aitchison, Jeff Gogue, Nick Baxter, Boris, Bob Tyrrell and Alex De Pase very popular and successful. The program includes a series of highly integrated core seminars and lectures that provide attendees with a great opportunity to learn more about the technical skills, tips & tricks and suggestions that can make you a better tattooist. Every artist will explain his unique artistic approach to body art and show his own peculiar vision on the tattoo world. During the final discussion panel all the artist will join the conference participants to discuss about Tattoo World. WWTC is a unique event, never proposed before, do not miss the opportunity to improve the techniques and to compare with the most renowned tattoo artists in the world!