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Tattoo Soothe Counter Top Display Gel and Cream for Tattoo Customers - Painful

#1 Product SOOTHE Cream is used to prepare/numb the skin for pain or discomfort. It can help ease the sting of starting a procedure. Place a thin layer over the area that you desire to work on for 15-25 minutes. #2 Product SOOTHE Gel will bring amazing results of enhancing even more comfort when used correctly. After the initial few passes, and still your client is requesting extra comfort, place a thin layer of Feel Better now Gel over the area being worked on and wait 3-5 minutes. As you continue working, repeat process one or two more times upon customers request. Each time will bring more comfort. Tattoo Soothe cream 5 % lidocaine, 20% Benzocaine, and 4%Tetracaine. Help make your costumers a little more comfortable. When starting a procedure that penetrates the skin it can be uncomfortable. Tattoo Soothe cream well help with the initial sting. Once the procedure has been started follow up with Tattoo Soothe GEL it is a remarkable product that can be use through out a procedure. Help your costumers have a more enjoyable experience and watch the word spread.