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FreeWire Tattoo Machine - Wireless Tattoo Machine -

Revolutionary Technology for the Tattoo Industry. Introducing the World's First Wireless Tattoo Machine "FREEWIRE". These patented wireless tattoo machines will free your mind and expand your art. The mobility, ease of use and consistency will amaze you. * No more wires to drag around or readjust. * Runs on DC power. * Constant 13.6 volts of output. * No more bogging or power surges. * Foot switch has no wires to get in the way of your rolling chair. * Adjustments are similar to traditional machines. * Compatible with most needles and tubes. * Lifetime Warranty on the machine*. * No more need to purchase cord covers * Less chance of cross contamination and bio-burden waste. * Mobility at its finest. * Tattoo anywhere even if an electrical outlet is not available.