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tattoos & technology

Jun 04, 2017

Dermal Abyss: Another technological advancement in the world of tattooing.

May 09, 2017

The world of tattooing continues to merge with the world of technology in new and fascinating ways. This time, tattoos meet augmented reality in the form of “soundwave tattoos.”

May 06, 2016

Tattooing started out as a painstaking process that sometimes took several days to complete even the smallest designs. Previous to the invention of the electronic tattoo machine, tattoo artists had...

Apr 15, 2016

It was just last fall that we were reading up on tattoos “coming to life” by way of ink mapping . The new thing with tattoos and technology now? An app for iPhones called Ink Hunter. We...

Nov 06, 2015

p { line-height: 30px; margin: 0 0 30px 0px; } We saw the internet in a tizzy at the end of last month when the techie world and tattoo culture were brought together, thanks to Oskar and Gaspar...