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tattoo trends

Aug 08, 2018

Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Angelina Jolie are known for bold career and fashion choices, but when it comes to tattoos, Ruby Rose is certainly the most daring.

Jun 08, 2018

Check out this rundown of tattoo trends dominating 2018 thus far.

Dec 29, 2017

2017 has been a year of pushing boundaries in old styles and creating new ones. Look back at some of our favorite tattoo trends of 2017.

Jun 19, 2017

It is becoming trendy to get a tattoo in the armpit, but it is also one of the most painful locations to get inked.

Jul 25, 2016

​I had the great pleasure of seeing Twenty One Pilots in concert last week and I have to say if you get a chance to see them, GO! Great concert aside, I found myself in a literal sea of fans sporting...

May 31, 2016

The world of tattooing has seen many changes over the last several decades. Advancement in technology, inks, techniques, equipment, and styles have all helped to radically change the world of tattoos...