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New Products

Aug 01, 2018

Get a hold of Peak's latest grips! Peak never fails to innovate superior tools that keep artists working at their “peak” performance. Their latest innovations? Say hello to the Natron and Trona...

Jun 14, 2018

Get a jumpstart today — Critical XR and XR-D power supplies are available for pre-order now!...

Apr 10, 2018

It's finally springtime! Get shopping on our new arrivals page...

Feb 23, 2018

We're always making sure new products are a priority. Shop now for inks, spears, and blocks!...

Dec 20, 2017

There is much to be cheerful about this year. Happy holidays to our tattooed and pierced community!

Feb 01, 2017

Painful Pleasures offers all-new products and all-new sales.