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The Studio at Painful Pleasures Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2015

The 2015 Baltimore Tattoo Convention has come and gone, leaving us with some incredible memories and new friends. Painful Pleasures topped out at seven booths with a whole row to ourselves and out-of-state guest artists who have tattooedunder the Painful Pleasures' banner before. With the convention starting Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2015at 2pm on Friday and going until 8pm Sunday night, the Painful team worked hard around the clock and still found time to have fun.

There were over 500 booths with some of the nation’s most talented artists including our very own Dee Sanchez, Mike Dolch, BillBill Webbz, Stevie Monie, Ashley Reynolds, and Derek Entenmann. Jordan Jones from Lexington, Kentucky and The Urban’s team from Arlington, Texas tattooed alongsideour team for this convention. 

Portrait Dee Sanchez Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2015

Dee Sanchez tattooed some incredible pieces that left clients with unforgettable memories and lifelong souvenirs.

He started off his day on Friday with a gorgeous clown-faced beauty resting on a skull. One of the memorable tattoos included a half skeleton Jesus face with a thorn crown and rays of color illuminating from him. Dee wrapped up the convention with a portrait that was in memory of the client's grandmother. Needless to say, that client may have taken home the best souvenir of all.  

Mike Dolch Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2015

Mike Dolch, our most recent addition to the Painful team, shined at the convention as he tattooed next to Stevie Monie and Jordan Jones. He was able to tattoo a few of his specialty pieces: under-boob mandalas. In between tattooing his reputable mandala/paisley masterpieces, Mike took a couple breaks to give a few lucky clients their very first tattoo. He warned a young client that it would only hurt a little, and she didn't even flinch.

Little Mermaid Tattoo by BillBill Webbz Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2015

BillBill Webbz nearly had a client in tears after a finished piece - and no, it wasn't pain related. This particular client had been planning a color bomb Little Mermaid tattoo for over a year and half, and BillBill made it happen at this convention.

All of our artists did an incredible job at this year's Baltimore Tattoo Convention. After all the planning, anticipation, and hype, it was such a relief to have such a great turn out at the convention. Painful Pleasures couldn't be more proud of our team and their amazing work.