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Turn A New Leaf: Explore Our Selection of Books

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This week, we’re inviting artists and collectors alike... to read.

Did you know we have a massive collection of tattoo and piercing books that are perfect for inspiring your next piece or puncture? We’ve got hardback limited edition inspirational series books, coloring books, flash collections in a wide variety of styles, and plenty more to awaken the artist inside (sometimes, the artist within likes to snooze and needs a little wake-up call, wouldn’t you say?)

If you’re a tattoo collector, these books are just as beneficial for helping you decide what you want your next piece to be. Browse tour-de-forces with award-winning contributing artists like Timothy Boor, Megan Massacre, Shige, Liz Cook, Jesse Smith, and so many more.

For those who are looking for more *ahem* literary or historical options, we’ve also got collections that explore tattooing history. Running the Gauntlet by Jim Ward explores a semi-biographical tale of the history of the modern body piercing movement. Cranial Visions explores varied artistic interpretations of the iconic and popularly tattooed skull.

These books look pretty darn good on our shelves, but they’d look even better on the coffee table of a tattoo studio lobby. So, this spring, we’re inviting you to turn a new leaf in your style, your perspective, and your inspiration: explore our books.

P.S. We’ve also got a wide variety of  DVDs with comprehensive piercing and tattoo tutorials by Guy Aitchison, Carl Grace, Dan Henk, Ron Russo, and Johnny Needles. Permanent makeup tutorials and manuals are also available.

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