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Tattoo at Your Peak: New Tanza Cartridge Machine and Axi Grips

Tanza Tattoo Machine, Axi Adjustable Grip, Tattoo Supplies

As you know, we’re always stoked when we’ve got new Peak products on our shelves. We’re especially excited when we have Peak products that are designed to work hand-in-hand (or, rather, machine-in-grip).Our latest from Peak are the Tanza Tattoo Machines and Axi Adjustable Grips; they’re about as compatible, if not more, than PB&J.

The Tanza Rotary Cartridge Machine employs a 3.5W Japanese 12v DC motor and has an operating voltage range of 4 up to 12VDC. It also has a reliable 3.5mm stroke length and comes in good old black or bold, attractive red, both of which come equipped with the Axi Adjustable Grip.

The Axi Grip, available for purchasing separately, is designed to easily adjust your needle protrusion with a simple click system, similar to what you’ve seen in the Peak Natron and Trona grips. Simply turn the grip and listen for the distinct “click” sound to adjust between 0mm and 4.5mm. The body of the grip, measuring 1" in diameter, is indented for a comfortable hold. Like the Tanza, it comes in your choice of black or red. When paired with Tanza… well, it’s a pretty darn good looking setup, we have to say. It’s also lightweight, balanced, and manufactured from durable aluminum.

Peak never fails to innovate the equipment you need to perform at your peak. For full technical details, see our Tanza and Axi listings available on the new arrivals page. Pair Tanza and Axi with Blood, Quartz, or Onyx cartridge needles for a complete Peak setup. As always, happy tattooing!

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