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Tattoo Aftercare Simplified

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Tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike are abuzz with excitement over an aftercare process that takes the KISS principle to heart. Say good-bye to lotions and ointments. Worry no more about fresh ink stains on your clothes and sheets. Itchy, scabby, and gross? Not likely with Saniderm.

Transparent adhesive bandages aren't a new concept; they've been used in the medical industry for the last 30-some years. Saniderm, however, makes this medical grade healing available and easy to use for our industry. You know, for us folks who willingly put ourselves through pain to have a lifelong souvenir.

Painful Pleasures now carries Saniderm bandages in five different sizes, depending on your needs whether it be for your shop, station, or  personal use. (and remember to switch the store view if you are shopping Wholesale or Distributor). Read about one of our blogger's experience with Saniderm here and share your experiences with us, too!