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Surf's Up: Hot Recovery Products for Summer Mods

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Who’s packing for the beach this summer?

In light of the sun, sand, and surf, it’s important to take care of old and new body art. Be sure to keep new tattoos concealed from harmful UV rays. Steer clear of direct contact with the sun, chlorine, and saltwater for up to three weeks after your tattoo, depending on your artist’s instructions. Additionally, if you have a new piercing, you should likewise heed your piercing artist’s advice and wait up to 24 hours before enjoying the poolside or shore.

Plus, don't forget about older modifications! Lather all your tattoos with sunscreen when you’re outdoors. If you have organic wooden body jewelry, always remember to keep it safe from prolonged exposure to water, sun, and high temperatures in general. 

Pack a "beach bag" with Recovery products:

Keep new tattoos free of debris (and sand) with Derm Shield.

Lather up tattoos with moisturizing Tattoo Lotion or Smelly Gelly.

Rinse away impurities with light, cleansing Aftercare Soap

Give new piercings a saltwater spritz with Saline Spray, now available in 6oz bottles.

Care for wooden body jewelry with jojoba oil and tea tree oil.

Plus, you can still get your hands on the Recovery Tattoo Aftercare Kit for a healthy tattoo recovery.

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