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The Summer Buzz: Check Out Our Latest Content

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Let’s talk summer highlights and updates

Have any new tattoos or piercings for the summer? Attending any exciting conventions? Check out our latest content for tips on how to care for a new nostril piercing and for highlights on the Anime Tattoo Convention at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia. We’re constantly updating our Infocenter with important news and blogs so you can stay in-the-know.

Additionally, in honor of Father’s Day, we hope you got a chance to take a look at our featured blog, “Dadly Influences.” Learn all about the family behind PainfulPleasures and glean some fatherly wisdom.

What else is new?

Recently available on our site are plenty of handy tools: front and rear brass binding posts for customizing your coil machine, anti-breakage parts for protecting thermal copiers in transit, spare tools for machine maintenance, and handy A&D ointment. Plus, build your own Peak Azur Slider Rotary Machine. We’ve got all the essential parts to construct your own Azur, from the front head to the detachable motor, available in Orange, Red, Black, Silver, or Pink.

As always, there’s more on the summer horizon. Get to packing a “beach bag” of essential tools and quality products.

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