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Stylish and Spiritual: Check Out Our New Custom Wood Plugs!

Zodiac Plugs, Religious Plugs, Custom Plugs, Wood Plugs

Whether you’re a person of faith and spirituality or a believer in the stars and cosmic destiny, PainfulPleasures invites you to represent your ideas, passions, and religious identities with your body jewelry. New to the site are our stylishly spiritual solid wood plugs, available with zodiac sign engravings or religious symbol engravings. Check out the new listings for full details about these two new wholly personalized, emblematic pieces, including available sizes and all the handsome types of wood you can choose from — and this isn’t all we have to offer you. Explore our Limitless Elementals Organics page for dozens of solid wood engraved plugs, featuring everything from mandalas to the Eye of Providence. If you have your own design you want to show off, our Custom Engraved Wood Plugs allow you to upload your own artwork for a completely personalized look!

Much like tattoos, your body jewelry can be more than just skin deep. Express yourself, be fashionable, and enjoy our solid wood custom accessories.