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Solid Inks, Spears, and Blocks… Oh My!

Stigma-Rotary Spears, Jewelry Displays, New Products, New Site

Even with the oncoming launch of our new site, we’re still making sure new products are a priority.

Solid Inks are here for solid, bold, and lasting tattoos!

We’ve got a wide array of new Solid Inks for artists to try. Never heard of Solid Ink? Developed by tattoo artist Federico Ferroni, these vegan-friendly pigments are known for a “solid,” lasting look on the skin even post-healing. Just take a look at our selection to see their ink-tastic variety. Each color is available as individual 1oz bottles. We’re also offering Solid Ink’s signature Chris Garver and Horitomo lines, so you can have the favored inks of both respective artists at your needle tips.

Still favor the always-reliable Eternal Inks?

We're now offering Mike DeVries's Perfect Storm Signature Set. Tattoo a masterpiece with the colors of a raging tsunami or even just a mild haze. Can you paint with all the colors of a natural disaster?

We’ve also welcomed the Spears (we mean tattoo machines, not literal spears like pickles or of the throwing variety).

A couple weeks ago, we introduced the Stylist by Stigma-Rotary® to our new arrivals page. Judging by how quickly they’re leaving our shelves, these pen-style machines are already in the hands of several eager artists. The Spear is a similar machine to the Stylist with a few bonus features, such as adjustable give and a broader stroke length. Available in Black, Red, Nuclear Green, and Titanium Steel, these sleek little power houses are yet another outstanding innovation in rotary tattoo machines by Stigma®.

Oh… and we’re also offering some wooden blocks.

At first glance, our new selection of wooden blocks may look like neglectable trinkets… but they’re actually handcrafted jewelry displays! What’s more, we offer a number of artful display layouts for each of these blocks, so you can display your jewelry selection in an eye-catching way.

And in case you’re just looking to change up your look…

We’ve got Arctic Fox hair dyes in four new colors ranging from pastel to rich and dark. Check out the new selection, and get your gloves, bleach, and brushes ready!