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Shop with PainfulPleasures for Silverback Ink

silverback ink, insta10shade grey wash ink set

Last week we let you know that Fusion Ink is back on the shelves at Painful Pleasures. This week we can officially say that we received our shipment of the notable Silverback Ink® and we’re getting it all nice and ready for you to purchase!

Silverback Ink® introduced “The Original” Grey Wash Set back in 2005 when there weren’t any other series on the market. It is 10 years later and these guys are still providing only the highest quality tattoo inks, which now include black ink, white ink, and even a “dilution solution” along with their outstanding grey wash sets.

Within the next day or two, you’ll be able to check out for Silverback Ink® at Painful Pleasures along with the rest of your tattoo supplies. Please note that there are a few exclusions that will apply to purchasing this ink. No discounts/coupon codes will be accepted with Silverback Ink® and unfortunately for our loyal customers located in any of the EU countries and Switzerland, we cannot sell or ship this ink to you. Please take a look at Silverback’s website for a list of distributors located in Europe. Happy ink shopping!