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Say Hello to Our New Logo

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With the onset of the new spring season and our influx of new merch, it’s only fitting that we’ve decided it’s time for a fresh new look. The storied history of our PainfulPleasures logo began when we first started selling body jewelry in 1999. At the time, we boasted a (short-lived) logo of a heavily pierced face. It wasn’t long before we decided good ol’ Hellraiser needed a makeover, and we began to feature two italic typeface Ps that have become iconic and quickly recognizable as our logo mark. It was definitely a stylistic step in the right direction—and we still reflect fondly on the original double P logo—but, as with any piece of art, there are always improvements to be made.

Crisper, cleaner, and simpler, we’d say our new logo, featuring a modern sans serif font, is about as refreshing as an eye-catching new do. With an italic typeface to represent our company’s progressive forward motion, it’s got contemporary flare, while still inhabiting the edgy angles and sensibility of its predecessor. Be sure to check out our new logo in the top left corner of our web page; we’re very proud of it, and we hope you love it just as much as we do. In fact, we hope you love it enough to sport it proudly on your own apparel! Be sure to check out our PainfulPleasures Long-Sleeve Tee here. As we move forward with italicized enthusiasm, our company pride only continues to grow, and with great pride comes great new logos.