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Presenting Three New Revolutionary Peak Rotaries: Matrix, Azur, and Nebula

Man, oh man, do we love Peak. From cartridge needles to adjustable grips, they never fail to innovate and keep artists at the “peak” of their game. Over the past year, we’ve added foot pedals, accessories, and adjustable grips to our shelves. It’s been a while since we’ve welcomed a new Peak tattoo machine.

But, guess what?

We’re happy to announce that we’ve welcomed (not one) but THREE new Peak rotary machines to our site. You’re going to want to shop immediately before any of these quality rotaries are out of stock — but which will you choose?


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For artists who favor the precision and sleek design of pen-style rotary machines, the Matrix Pen is for you. It’s also a great option for those who have tried the Kyan Pen and want to try out some new, additional features! Like the Kyan Pen, the Peak Matrix Pen comes equipped with a powerful Faulhaber German motor and its own ergonomically-designed tapered grip for a “heightened” comfortable experience. Pens are hot on the market right now, and the Matrix is destined to be one of the hottest — a fountain pen among Bics as it were ;)


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Prefer the eye-catching style and high torque power of direct drive rotaries? Nebula Direct Drive is your guy! This machine features an adjustable stroke length of 0 up to 5mm and employs a powerful Japanese motor.


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Then, last but certainly not least, there’s the Azur Slider Rotary! What’s most unique about this machine? It comes with two interchangeable motors, both of which lock tightly into place during procedures. One motor has an operating speed of 8v 9000s while the other operates at 8v 11000s. Artists can enjoy a smooth, powerful, (and interchangeable) performance while also appreciating the machine’s edgy, unique style!


So, which is for you?

All of these machines feature a unique octagonal design and come in one of six colors: black, blue, silver, red, pink, and orange. Get your hands and cartridge needles on one of these machines today and experience tattooing at your “peak” performance.

Shop for the new Peak rotary machines here!