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Premiering the Revolutionary Spektra Xion by FK Irons: Pre-Order Yours Today

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Already in popular demand before it’s even hit the shelves, the Spektra Xion by FK Irons is a pen-style tattoo machine unlike any other. PainfulPleasures is enthusiastic about being an active participant in the worldwide Xion launch, so we can keep artists at the height of the industry.

So, what makes the Spektra Xion so revolutionary? Designed and manufactured in collaboration with some of the world’s top tattoo artists over the course of three years, this is the first pen-style rotary machine to feature a ratcheting system for adjustable give and stroke length. It is specially designed to offer optimal control and tackle a wide variety of tattooing styles for an even wider variety of artists. For more details and features, see our listing and add this perfected machine to your cart — Spektra Xion in all its glory is now available for pre-order only.