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Pre-Order Your Critical XR or XR-D Power Supply Today!

Critical Power Supplies, New Product Alert, Pre-Order Now

Hey there, tattoo artists! In critical need of a new power supply?

We’ve got another new product alert that’s sure to jumpstart your interest.

Available exclusively in the US, the Critical XR power supply is HERE and available for pre-order. It’s got all the favored features of former Critical Power supply models (including a sleek design that kind of resembles the iPod videos of yore), along with some brand-new, high-tech implementations.

What’s so great about it, you may ask?

Hmmmm, not much — aside from an ALL-NEW full-color display screen,
ALL-NEW  touch capacitive user interface,
ALL-NEW billet aluminum construction,
and an ALL-NEW jumpstart feature with maintained pedal modes!

For an even more optimal tattoo experience, we also offer the XR-D power supply, which allows artists to tattoo with two machines at a time. As a bonus feature, the XR-D also comes with an ALL-NEW oscilloscope feature for a visual approach to coil machine tuning. Pre-order the Critical XR or XR-D NOW, or browse our Critical category for all our power supply models and equipment by this superior manufacturer.