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The Pleasures of Following Us on Social Media

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Hey. You.

Are you following us on Instagram? How about Twitter? Have you liked our Facebook page? If your answer is “yes” to any of the above, good on you. You already know what we’ve got to offer — and rest assured we’re working hard EVERY DAY to make our content even better. If your answer is “no” to any of the above, here’s what you’re missing:

Just this past month, our Instagram followers had a chance to win one set of Fusion Tattoo Ink and a synthetic tattooable plank by A Pound of Flesh. All it took was sharing our contest image; giving us, A Pound of Flesh, and Fusion Ink a mention; and using our unique hashtag #FleshOutYourVision. There was also the #cleanslate challenge, which gave artists the opportunity to show off their shop setup using their favorite PainfulPleasures supplies.

We know you’re busy. We know you’ve got your needles a-buzz for the season. But it would make us so happy to see more engagement from you guys — the great work you’re doing with our supplies, the artistic joy you’re bringing to your community, and what you bring to the industry in general — whatever you want to show us. It’s what inspires us to continue being your supplier. Here’s how you can engage:

  1. Share a picture of yourself using your PainfulPleasures supplies and give us a mention.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] with pictures or videos of you unpacking your next PainfulPleasures order.
  3. Cast your vote in our occasional #WYRTuesday posts. Sure, they’re absurd, but Tuesday blows, right? We’ve gotta entertain ourselves somehow.
  4. Simply make a post about what inspires or motivates you and give us a mention there, too. It’s the little stuff, like a heart, mention, or tag on social media, that makes our day brighter in the cold winter months.

All it takes is one click to be our buddy on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Aside from campaigns, you’ll also get a heads-up whenever we have a sweet new deal, discount, or upcoming event. You can even take a peek behind the scenes on #WhatsUpWednesday to see our day-to-day lives here at PainfulPleasures, filling your orders, playing ping-pong in the break room, and scratching the ears of Humphrey, the Hungarian Puli and company mascot — he’s got some sweet dreads. Plus, if you’re interested in exclusive content like interviews with big name artists and trending tattoos, you can check out our Instagram bio or Facebook weekly to see what we’ve published. Keep those artistic brains fed, folks.

As we said above, we’re working super hard to make our content the very best it can be. Whether you’re following us or not, you can expect big changes in the coming months. Just like all the great artists and body mod collectors out there, we’re always working to evolve and perfect ourselves. We want you to be part of that journey. Sound good? Sweet. Hop on board, and if you’re already on board, invited your friends to come along, too.

P.S. How strong is your selfie game? Whenever you buy jewelry from us, take a selfie showing off your new look and share to Instagram with the hashtag #doitforthePPgram. We’ll feature you on our Instagram story. Check out our story today to see the latest participants.

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