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Painful Pleasures Sponsored Artist on New Season of Ink Master

Megan Jean Morris, Ink Master Contestant, Painted Soul Tattoos

Will you be tuning in to the season premiere of Spike's Ink Master on March 1? We get that reality TV isn't everyone's cup of tea, but one of the contestants in this upcoming season is one of Painful Pleasures very own Sponsored Tattoo Artists, Megan Jean Morris. She's been drawing on people for as far back as she can remember, and now she is owner and artist at Painted Soul Tattoos in Wallingford, CT. She is known for Realism and Surrealism, but rather than allowing that to govern her work, being able to really connect with the client takes precedence. Megan Jean Morris, besides being a hardworking badass artist, is able to go above and beyond with her art because she's motivated by her clients and their stories. Watch Spike's promo video on Megan, and be sure to check out some of her artwork here or give her a follow on Instagram to stay updated.