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Optimal New Search Extension for an Optimal Shopping Experience

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PainfulPleasures has seen a lot of new and exciting changes these past few months: a new, stylized logo; an impressive mural by Jesse Smith in our lobby (featured on our company About Page); and, as always, the rapid expansion of our inventory and product selection. With almost ten thousand products and over a million variations to boast, we want our customers to have the most convenient and configurable shopping experience possible. That’s why we’re enthusiastic about our latest upgrade to the site: the redesign and improvement of our product search feature.

The image featured as the head of this news post is just one example of what our new search extension offers. Now, you can filter your search by product category, manufacturer, and price range. You can also filter your search to show our product selection or “other content” including blogs, news posts, and articles from our Infocenter.

Experiment by typing "tattoo machine" into our new search bar: this general search yields ​700 results, allowing you to search by rotary machines (228), coil tattoo machines (91), and any number of your favorite brands from Bishop (41) to FK Irons (38) to InkJecta (17) and beyond! Once you're finished shopping for tattoo machines and products, our "other content" filter offers 356 results, including information about choosing the best type of machine for you to blogs about trending products.

We hope you enjoy our latest upgrade to the site. There are only more improvements and ​advances ​to be made as we move forward with our valued shoppers and artists in mind.