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New Products to Get You Through Winter: Our Latest in Body Jewelry and Tattoo Supplies

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Winter’s been long, right? Don’t fret. Spring is right around the corner: a time for sun, new life, new tattoos, and new piercings. Nonetheless, to carry you through these last few weeks, we’ve got plenty of new products that will A. satisfy your retail therapy needs and B. bolster your tattoo or piercing supplies.

Without further ado, here’s what’s new to our site:

Body Jewelry 

Start planning your “spring look” with all-new threaded tops, push pop accessories, nipple barbells, and septum clickers. Our latest styles feature trident-shaped, Neptune-inspired body jewelry; alien-themed pieces; and classic accessories with PVD gold coating and colored jewels. Most notable among our latest stock of body jewelry are all-new dangling organic earrings, complete with wand- and pyramid-shaped pendants in amethyst and rose quartz or citrine and obsidian. And if you like this style, rest assured there’s plenty more to come. ;) Be bold, edgy, eye-catching, and totally yourself with any of our new pieces.

S8 Red Stencil Products

S8 Red offers everything you need for a crisp and hygienic stencil transfer, including tattoo soap, stencil gel, barrier gel, and stencil transfer paper. All S8 Red products are TSA-approved, budget friendly, and individually packaged, making them perfect for the traveling artist (anyone have any conventions lined up?)

Gorilla Grip Covers

These handy grip covers have a lightweight silicone construction that absorbs vibrations for more comfortable tattooing. We’ve got them in tapered, knurled, and oversized styles. Go “ape” on a new tattoo with a comfortable, steady grip.

Jack Rudy Tattoo Machine

It ain't no secret that tattoo artist Jack Rudy is a legend in this industry. Now, you can own his signature series Fine Liner tattoo machine, manufactured in collaboration with HM Tools & Dye.

Tattoo Pain Tee

With spring approaching, it’s time to stock up on casual tees and warm weather clothes. Show the world getting tattooed isn’t for the faint of heart with our custom-designed Tattoo Pain Tee, available in Small up to 3X-Large.

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