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New Products in Full Bloom

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It’s finally springtime, which means doing away with the old and starting fresh. It also means doing a little retail therapy to distract from the influx of pollen. Maybe “starting fresh” means it’s time to restock on supplies, expand your palette, change up your look, or prepare for a new tattoo! Regardless of your needs, our new arrivals page, newly revamped with a variety of products, is sure to offer the springtime “newness” you crave.

Try your hand at NeoTat supplies!

New to our site are a variety of tattoo products by revolutionary supplier NeoTat. “Neo” means “new,” so it’s only fitting we should introduce their products for spring! (We’re corny like that). The NeoHex Rotary Tattoo Machine is the most significant of these products, a machine that allows you to tattoo ergonomically and, yes, magically, too, with the aptly named “Magic Motor” cartridge. We’re also offering springs and patent-pending NeoTat locks (read all about them in the listing), available separately for a complete and “magical” set-up! While you’re at it, why not equip your machine with our new True Mini Tattoo Foot Pedal? Wipeable, lightweight, and designed to reduce leg and back fatigue, this tiny, handy pedal allows you to tattoo in style and comfort.

Looking to change up your style?

For a classic, floral springtime accessory, check out our selection of 14kt gold floral threaded ends: choose from hellebore, wildflower, and cruciform petal styles with either crystal jewel or white opal centers! Nothing welcomes sunny weather like bright yellow gold. If you consider florals for spring-wear a bit too cliché, we’ve also welcomed an “outerspace” series of gold bendable jewelry products to the site for a look of intergalactic chic. Looking for something a little less pricy than gold? Clicker jewelry, nipple jewelry, and jeweled captive bead rings are also new to the site.

And for a more customized look…

We’re always happy to offer custom materials. Take a look at our series of plugs available in your choice of one of three custom engravings: a cross, a pair of dice, or the Eye of Providence. We’re also offering custom buttons by Limitless designs, for those of you looking to promote your brand, name, or shop this spring. Perfect for grassroots marketing, just as the grass is turning greener. Check out our entire new arrivals page for everything we have to offer you. We hope you’re just as excited for the new spring season as we are.