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New Machines for Pre-Order This Winter: Tattoo with Valhalla & Thorn

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Stigma-Rotary® and Axys Rotary are two of our favorite manufacturers — total superheroes in the industry for offering machines, grips, and equipment that push the limits of technology and offer a great tattooing experience. That’s why we’re excited to offer two of the latest pen-style rotary machines by both of these manufacturers to our site, available for pre-order only.

The Thorn by Stigma-Rotary is by no means a thorn in your side. To put it simply, it’s a “thorn” because it’s so small. In fact, tattooing with this balanced pen-style machine feels like you’re holding nothing more than a grip. The machine weighs in at only 115g and measures about 9.3cm in length. It boasts the same technical characteristics we love about Stigma-Rotary® machines, including interchangeable cartridge receivers that are compatible with all cartridge brands, a Swiss-made Maxon motor, and an anti-roll design.

The Valhalla by Axys Rotary is perfect for artists seeking a pen with an adjustable stroke length. Using a simple click system, you can adjust the stroke length on this machine anywhere from 2.5mm up to 4.2mm. Also, not to undermine any other of the excellent pens on our site (we’re not dissing you, Thorn!) but Valhalla is known as the cleanest pen-style rotary available, being the first to employ single rotation threads that prevent dirt traps.

Available for pre-order only, you can place a hold on your Thorn or Valhalla today with an expected shipping date around the first week of February for the Thorn and mid-February for the Valhalla (not so long of a wait, right?) The Thorn is available in suave Army Green, bold Red, and sleek Satin Black. Most of these machines have a reliable 3.5mm stroke length, but we’re also offering the Army Green model as a special edition machine with a 4mm stroke. The Valhalla comes in Black, Burnt Orange, and Olive.

IfWhile you’re pre-ordering your spiffy new Thorn, why not check out other Stigma-Rotary® essentials, like the advanced cartridge tattoo needles or a powerful MotorPlug? If you’re pre-ordering the Valhalla, check out these ergonomically designed Axys Valhalla grips, which are also available for pre-order; these grips are available in 1”, 1.25”, and 1.5” diameters.

Stay warm this winter, and be well-equipped for the busy season with your favorite brands. Give us a follow on our Instagram @painfulpleasures for featured products, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for a heads-up on upcoming deals, events, and special pre-order items such as this.

Happy winter, folks.