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New Black Scorpion Tattoo Ink Brand

Black Scorpion Tattoo Ink

Now carrying Black Scorpion Tattoo Ink, Painful Pleasures is happy to be a part of one of the best black and white ink brands on the market. These new items include Black Scorpion Ink's Pure White, Black Ink, Tribal black, Shadow Series, and their revolutionary Mixing Solution. Bullet BG, Salvador Castaneda, and Natasha Nikitchenko are just a few of the world renowned artists who swear by Black Scorpion Tattoo Ink.  


Black Scorpion Tattoo Ink Black Ink

Black Scorpion’s Black Ink is the most commonly used black ink, versatile for any style of tattoo. You’re probably wondering what makes this black ink so revolutionary… well for one, the manufacturing of Black Scorpion’s black ink includes a liquid pigment that allows the ink to be delineated. This means that the ink can easily be filled or diluted assisting in the shadow making process. However dilution and all, the formula still allows you to keep the highest possible pigment concentration.  That’s not all though, this formula also is a must have due to its ability to stay in the skin. The way this ink adheres to the needle mixed with the way our bodies absorb the pigment combine to lessen the amount of times the area has to be gone over, no matter what level of black you are trying to achieve!

Much like the Black Ink the Tribal Black Ink is also formulated to help regenerate the skin and assist in the healing process, the ingredient that sets this ink apart from the other brands is call Hamamelis Virginiana. This special ingredient is so vital to the healing process because not only does it help the tattoo remain its depth of black but it intensifies the ink to look even darker after the healing process is complete.

Black Scorpion Tattoo Ink Pure WhiteOn a lighter note the Pure White Ink by Black Scorpion Tattoo Ink has a formula that also allows for a shockingly white tone to remain in the skin even after healing has taken place. The average density of this product is key to its ability to penetrate impressively into the skin. Due to its ability to leave a white tone on the skin that is constantly sought out by tattoo artists world-wide, Pure White is rapidly becoming the best option for white ink on the market

ATTENTION artists of realism! You have three new items to add to your list of essentials. Black Scorpion’s Shader Inks come in Light Shadow, Medium Shadow, and Dark Shadow. These shaders are manufactured using a similar formula as the inks listed above however, they contain less pigment. The formula makes it conveniently unnecessary to use any type of mixing solution. However if you do desire to mix your shaders, be sure to use Black Scorpion’s Mixing Solution! This mixing solution changes the game by not reducing the amount of pigment, allowing for the same intensity in all your realism master pieces.