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New Arrivals: Introducing Recovery Derm Shield in Black

Photo of Recovery Derm Shield in black for concealing and healing new tattoos

While tattooing is put on hold, we know a lot of you are daydreaming about your next piece. In the event that some establishments reopen and you find you're able to get tattooed in the upcoming sunny months, it's important to protect your body art from harmful UV rays.

Enter Recovery Derm Shield in Black! This new take on the popular Derm Shield bandage adds an extra layer of protection from the sun while your tattoo heals. Plus, it offers the element of surprise: keep your new tattoo totally concealed until it’s fully healed and ready to show off to family and friends.

Maybe you've had to postpone a tattoo appointment or you've already purchased a gift voucher for an upcoming one. As some states begin gradual courses of action to reopen, we continue to encourage safe tattooing and proper aftercare procedures. Keep your tattoo goals in mind, support your favorite artists, and stock up on quality aftercare so you're ready when the time comes.

Shop Recovery Derm Shield in Black as a 10” x 8 yard roll today in anticipation for tattoos ahead.

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