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March 19, 2014 Newsletters

Cool Belt Buckles at Painful Pleasures

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This week at Painful Pleasures, we're offering 15% off Retail Store orders and 10% off Wholesale and Distributor Store orders and giving you the inside scoop on how you can save up to 30% or more by combining our weekly coupons with our fabulous featured sale items.


Retail Store News for March 19, 2014

Captive Bead Ring Shaped Belt Buckle Save Over 30% on Crazy-Cool Belt Buckles

Let's get one thing straight: Our buckles are not your grandpa's belt buckles. Did your grandpa have buckles that doubled as flasks, lighters or bottle openers? Were any of his shaped like handcuffs, guns, guitars, or captive bead rings? Probably not... but our buckles are all that and more! Plus, you can save over 30% on our 50+ sale buckles by applying the code below to your order.* What are you waiting for? It's time to buckle up!

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Cop a Look at Our New Glass Curls & Loops

Add a twist of fun to your wardrobe with a pair of our new Curls and Loops Glass Hanger Style Large-Gauge Earrings. This stunning hand-blown glass ear jewelry is available in blue and clear swirls, black and white stripes, and solid black (sizes 6mm - 14mm). Shop Now


Glass Curls & Loops Large Gauge Earrings for Stretched Ears

Retail Store Coupon of the Week

*Apply promo code BUCKLE to save an extra 15% on a $30+ Retail store order. Combine it with the markdowns on our sale items to save up to 32%! (Coupon does not apply to TatSoul furniture, Tuttnauer autoclaves or tattoo machines. Valid through 3/31/14.)

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Tongue Splitting by Arseniy Andersson

P.S. Here's some cool news that you won't find in this week's e-newsletters: Our newest blog post, Enlightenment Through Body Modification, is online and waiting for you to read and comment on it! Here's a synopsis:

Have you heard about the Church of Body Modification? Do you know how some yogis utilize their split tongues to gain spiritual enlightenment? Get a glimpse into the spiritual side of body modification and the ways that different cultures have used extreme body modification to achieve heightened awareness and spiritual growth... Read More




Wholesale & Distributor Store News for March 19, 2014

Sale Tattoo Supplies, Sale Piercing Supplies, & Discount Body Jewelry at Painful PleasuresShop Smart to Save Big

Our Sales & Deals section is filled with things you need for your shop at our all-time best prices. Buy Kuro Sumi tattoo ink, Wavicide, Precision Needles, Sullen apparel, organic jewelry, and much more. Many products are already marked down by 20%, which means you can save up to 28% on every sale item you order. Start shopping to start saving now!

Save 10% on Your Next Order!*

Wholesalers: Enter promo code WHO-SUPPLYSALE on the shopping cart page before checkout to save 10% on your next Wholesale order of $100 or more.

Distributors: Save 10% on your next order of $500 or more by entering promo code DIS-SUPPLYSALE on the shopping cart page. 

*Coupons do not apply to Tuttnauer autoclaves or TatSoul furniture. Offers valid through 3/31/14. 

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