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Just in Time for the Sun: The Recovery Tattoo Aftercare Kit

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Artists everywhere love Recovery, and we do too. Using quality ingredients like shea butter, grapeseed oil, rosemary leaf extract, sea salt from the Dead Sea, jojoba tea tree oil, and much more, this good-hearted brand strives to ensure your recovery process is as natural and healthy as it can be.

So, what’s good with Recovery lately?

We’re proud to offer Recovery’s new tattoo aftercare kit. This kit is designed to take you through a healthy recovery process from start to finish, containing products you can use on new or existing tattoos: Recovery Tattoo Lotion, Aftercare Soap, Smelly Gelly, and Tattoo Salve. Using these products, your tattoos will thrive with moisturizing natural emollients and cleansing, gentle applications.

This kit arrived just in time for the sun as the days become longer, hotter, and brighter. we’re asking tattoo collectors to place recovery over matter before stepping outside. Keep new tattoos covered and protected from the sun’s rays; and lather existing tattoos with sunscreen and Recovery products to encourage vibrancy and longevity.

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View our Recovery Tattoo Aftercare Kit listing for an overview of all the products you'll receive. Enjoy the sun (safely) and show your body art some love.