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John Garancheski's Human Canvas Project

human canvas project, tattooed heart john garancheski

One of the great things about the tattoo industry is that it’s never stagnant. How could it be when it’s an industry based on collective and individual creative genius? When it’s based on using our bodies as an artist’s medium for lifelong work? Tattoo artists are continuing to push the envelope and it’s always exciting to hear about their latest accomplishments, ongoing projects, and future endeavors.

As we mentioned before, Painful Pleasures welcomed a new neighbor back in October – Tattooed Heart Studios. They first opened in Glen Burnie in 2005 with the focus on creating custom work and providing a unique tattoo experience over all. Now they're rated one of the best tattoo shops around and getting penciled in for work is not for the fainthearted. We admittedly did some creeping on their site – as all nosy neighbors do – and found out about John Garancheski’s Human Canvas Project.

John Garancheski is the owner and one of the artists at Tattooed Heart. His Human Canvas Project, which starts this fall/winter, will focus on creating large scale ornamental/mandala/geometry/black and grey/dot-work style tattoos on three to five lucky females – sorry, fellas. The idea is to have absolutely minimal design restraints and allow John to have maximum artistic freedom. Among other very important guidelines, he requests that these females are committed to offering their full front or full back tattoo real estate. Final tattoos will be professionally photographed, printed, and published.

human canvas project, john garancheski tattoo

For those that are just now finding out about this, John did a “last call” about a week ago on his Instagram and there was one spot left by that point. Find out more details about the project here, and who knows? If that last spot hasn’t been filled yet, you could be it – assuming you provide the info needed and meet the criteria, like being a female.

As for the rest of us, whether we’re too late in the game to have that prime real estate still available, or you’re way too indecisive and shy to commit to a project like this, or as nature would have it, you can’t jam out with your clam out (because you don’t have one), we’ll just have to patiently wait to have our minds blown by the Human Canvas Project when it’s complete. Keep up with John's work here and if it interests you, maybe one day you guys will be able to sit down and get started on something amazing.