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Introducing Peak Natron and Trona Grips!

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Get a hold of Peak's latest grips!

Peak never fails to innovate superior tools that keep artists working at their “peak” performance. Their latest innovations? Say hello to the Natron and Trona adjustable cartridge grips!

If you have any familiarity with the Ergo Click Grips by FK Irons, you already have an idea of how these bad boys work. A convenient click system allows effortless needle depth adjustment with a simple twisting motion. Both Natron and Trona are made for peak sturdiness and durability; but here’s the breakdown if you’re not sure which one to buy:

Natron Grip

This lightweight grip is 30mm in diameter and equipped with a textured, silicone cover for an ergonomic hold. Use foam grip covers with the Natron for even more comfortable procedures! Using a grip cover won’t prevent the grip from clicking — Natron will be snug as a bug inside any grip cover, and remain totally functional.

Trona Grip

This grip is heftier so you can maintain stability and balance while using heavier machines. The clicking mechanism is at the top of the grip; you can still easily adjust your needle depth with an effortless twist, but you’ll have to trim foam grip covers before using them with Trona — otherwise, they’ll cover the top mechanism, and prevent the grip from “clicking!”

So, which would you rather? Get your Peak adjustable grip today!

Whether you choose Natron or Trona, you’ll still have a grip with a grooved backstem for better traction, a 3mm internal bore, and a great looking, quality hunk of aluminum awesomeness. Both Natron and Trona are available in a variety of colors and are compatible with all cartridge needle types. Start tattooing at peak performance today!