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Introducing Peak Cerus Needles: All-New, Versatile Cartridges for a Peak Performance

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Favor Peak Cartridge Needles for their quality performance?

Almost two years ago, we were proud to introduce Peak Blood, Quartz, and Onyx needles to our site. Today, big-name artists around the world swear by these superior cartridges, including many of our sponsored artists like Mark Duhan, Gerald Ramos, Justin Nordine, Amaro Vega, Luis Bonilla, and John F. Garancheski III from Tattooed Heart Studios right next to our PainfulPleasures facilities.

Now, artists have a fourth, even more versatile option for tattooing at a peak performance.

Enter Peak Cerus Cartridge Needles

These cartridge needles, stylishly designed and creamy-white in color, are named after the alluring mineral called cerussite. Cerussite is known for having a versatile and varied morphology, meaning it can take on many different crystalline forms.

So, what makes Cerus needles so versatile and deserving of this name?

Well, they’re the first Peak cartridge needles that are suitable for both tattoo artists and permanent makeup artists, throwing open the door to a whole new market. Cerus-ly — Peak wants all professional artists to have the quality equipment they need, and that's just one of the many things we love about this forward-minded brand. 

In addition to a variety of cartridge needle configurations for standard tattooing, Cerus (pronounced Ceh-russ) cartridges come in sloped and angled flat needle options that have 0.20mm and 0.22mm thicknesses for microblading procedures. Consequently, cosmetic artists can now step up their game, try their practiced hands and machines at Peak tools, and perform at peak level by creating A-game eyebrow peaks.

Enjoy a Peak setup and familiar, dependable features

Like Quartz, these cartridges come with an inner mechanism that prevents ink-spitback. They are compatible with a variety of cartridge grips and machines for a wide variety of setups according to your preference; how's that for a varied morphology?

If you're a tattoo artist, we invite you to try your Cerus needles with a Peak tattoo machine as well. After all, spring is about cleaning out the old and trying new things. Any seasonal shift calls for a ripple over stagnant waters; especially after a still, cold winter.

It makes us feel nostalgic to think about adding those initial Peak cartridges to our sight, but as we grow as a distributor, Peak grows as a manufacturer, and there will certainly be more exciting innovations to come. 

For more technical details, see our Peak Cerus listing.

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