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Introducing the Limited Edition Artist Series Hawk Pens

Artist Series Hawk Pen, Roman Abrego, Roman Abrego Hawk Pen

Are you a fan of the top-range Hawk Pen for its unmatchable control and accuracy? We’ve got big news: this month, the ever-ambitious Cheyenne dropped their exclusive line of Limited Edition Artist Series Hawk Pens.

So, what is this exclusive series?

Each Limited Edition Artist Series Hawk Pen features a custom design by a world-class artist. That is, artists to idolize with work that has our skin itching for ink. Kicking off the series is Roman Abrego, master artist of color realism and biomechanical work. His personalized design emulates his own unique style. Being passionate fans of both the Hawk Pen and Roman Abrego, we are more than enthusiastic to offer this Artist Series Pen on our site. Check out the listing here, as well as our whole selection of Hawk Pens here.

Get to shopping, checking out, and inking with the custom machine of a tattoo idol today while limited supplies last.