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Introducing Hive Caps™ for Tattoo Set-Up: Check Out What the Buzz Is all About!

Hive Caps™, Ink Palette, Tattoo Set-Up

With stenciling, placement, sanitary procedures, and machine assembly, setting up for tattooing is a lengthy process, even for the most experienced artists. Thanks to Hive Caps™, your ink palette setup can not only be less time consuming, but fun, more organized, and configurable. These stackable, reversible pieces have four small caps on one side (roughly the size of a #9 ink cup) and four large caps on the other (roughly the size of a #16 ink cup). The pieces resemble honeycombs for some added flare and are able to snap together, allowing for countless configurations and possibilities. Think of them as ink cups meet Legos®! With these stackable, reversible, and snap-able features, it’s no wonder artists are buzzing over the innovative Hive Caps™ for their convenient setup. Tattoo artist Jesse Smith raves that Hive Caps™ are “the most innovative ink cap to hit the market!!”

For full details about Hive Caps™, check out our listings for the product, available in Soldier Bee Grey or Natural Queen White. Created by seasoned tattoo artist Travis Franklin, this product is one that is designed for artists by an artist — so see for yourself what the buzz is all about, and get to stacking, snapping, and tattooing!