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Happy Valentine’s Day from PainfulPleasures

Cheyenne Sol Nova, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day Sale

Ok, so we know a lot of people make fun of Valentine’s Day. They say it’s superficial or it’s overall just in bad taste — but, you know what? We LOVE Valentine’s Day. It gets our faces all lit up like the heart-eyes emoji.

Here are a few examples of some GOOD stuff that comes from Valentine’s day — 100% tattoo and piercing related.

First off, most holidays call for some fun flash opportunities. Instead of kicking back and watching a rom-com, why not fall in love with some new ink? A quick search of the hashtag #valentinesdayflash on Instagram yields promotions for hundreds of upcoming flash events worldwide with previews of heart, cupid, and rose-themed stencils in countless variations.

Second, there’s no better time of year to rock heart-shaped body jewelry. If you haven’t noticed, we offer a LOT of heart-shaped body jewelry, primarily in the form of seamless-style rings. Have a daith piercing? Our bendable heart rings are an edgy and easily insertable accessory. They're affordable, fun, and the perfect gift for a pierced Valentine, friend, or as a treat for yourself (because who says you can't be your own Valentine?) Plus, we’ve got so much more body jewelry to love: plenty of navel rings with heart-shaped charms, heart-shaped nipple shields, and heart-themed nipple barbells, too.

Last but not least, there’s our Valentine’s Day sale of up to 40% on quality tattoo supplies. Single, taken, or in an “it’s complicated” circumstance, artists’ hearts will swell at the sight of this huge discount category, which features ink, power supplies, Peak cartridge needles, and beyond. Most importantly, it features the Cheyenne Sol Nova. Artists who are in love with nothing more than the creation of quality body art can make the Sol Nova their sol-mate this year. Featuring pen-like control, a 3.5mm stroke, and a needle protrusion of 0 up to 4mm, this versatile upgrade to the Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a real hot date. Our sale lasts through the 15th, so don't miss out!

Make Sol-Nova your sol-mate
Be your own valentine. Treat yourself to 20% off body jewelry with code MORE2LUV

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