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Get Organized with Structural Studio Supplies

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As fall approaches, it's time to let go of any studio mess. Check out some of our quality new studio supplies for an organized tattoo and piercing station. Here’s what’s new:

Method Modular Organizational system with Eternal Ink paletteThe Method Modular Organizational System by Jesse Smith

New to our site, this modular system was created by artist Jesse Smith. The Method System is designed to neatly arrange your tattoo inks on your studio walls for optimal efficiency. It’s also designed to organize all your studio drawers for easy access to all your supplies. This comprehensive set comes with durable slat walls, shelves, and drawer dividers.


The Peak Tattoo Machine Carrying Case Open Peak tattoo machine carrying case with two rotary tattoo machines inside

This case is perfect for artists on-the-go. It comes with padded foam inserts that keep your machines safe during travel. It also features the Peak logo on its front, for artists who favor Peak for quality tattoo machines and supplies.

Comprehensive magnetic body jewelry display plate with magnetic posts and threaded tops


The Magnetic Body Jewelry Display

Create a dynamic display of your top-selling body jewelry with this magnetic setup, complete with threaded magnetic posts and an eye-catching magnetic platform.

Plus, save big on stools for your studio. Precision stools have black leather and foam cushions, adjustable height, and sturdy wheeled legs. They've been marked down to an affordable $30 each. Shop now to take advantage!

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