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Eternal Ink Signature Series Bundle Deal

Eternal Ink bundle deal on three signature series color palettes!

Eager for the complete signature palettes of Andrea Afferni, Rember, and Rich Pineda at your needle tips? Painful Pleasures is happy to offer the Eternal signature ink sets of all three renowned artists as a bundle—that's three palettes (32 colors in total) for the bargain price of one! Largely featuring flesh-toned inks, this kit is perfect for portraiture and rendering subtle transitions from light to shadow. Each 1oz bottle has been hand-selected by true masters of realism: Andrea Afferni's tattoos showcase skillful highlighting and deft light work; Rember creates stunningly dark pieces with haunting allure; and Rich Pineda exhibits a sharply vivid realism with color and detail as rich as his name. Our ink-tastic sale featuring the chosen colors of these masterful realists ends March 31. Act now for this incredible deal on three signature palettes you won’t regret—and happy tattooing!