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Dee Sánchez Takes Home and Leaves Some Memorable Souvenirs

Dee Sanchez Puerto Rico Tattoo Award Winner

Dee Sanchez Skull TattooIf you've been keeping up with our news section then you know Dee Sanchez has been off in Carolina, Puerto Rico sharing his talent with the world. The Paradise Island Ink Festival was held this past weekend offering endless entertainment and bringing together tattoo artists and supporters from all over the globe. Dee was one of many tattoo artists who were featured from the United States along with tons of other international artists who made an appearance at the Paradise Island Ink Festival.  As much as we've missed him back here at the studio we are happy to say that he made some avid tattoo lovers very happy with their newest ink additions.  Although this artwork is not Dee's he tattooed this awesome skullchick with a half-shaven head surrounded by a gorgeous red rose. Dee is known for his unique black and gray style; this piece surley adds to an already outstanding portfolio, great job Dee! 

Dee Sanchez Award Winning TattooDee was awarded on Friday October 10th by the Paradise Island Ink Festivalwhen he won "Tattoo of the Day". Not only did Dee leave some of his amazing art work with the supporters who visited Carolina, Puerto this past weekend but he also took home a souvenir of his own. We couldn't be more proud of Dee for his accomplishments! Dee will be back at The Studio on Friday to grace us with his presence!