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Coming Soon: Rose Red Tattoo Shop Feature

Rose Red Tattoo, Lisa Doll, Teaser News

Here at PainfulPleasures, we’re all about promoting quality local shops and artists. As a supplier for tattoo artists and body piercers around the globe, the least we can do is point our local tattooed community toward nearby shops and artists we admire.

Just two months ago, we published a shop feature on Tattooed Heart Studios, a tattoo shop located above our facilities, including an exclusive interview with John F. Garancheski III. Touring local shops and chatting at length with talented artists helps us expand our creative community, build relationships, and make friends inside this colorful and passionate industry. That’s why we’re enthusiastic about our upcoming feature on Rose Red Tattoo Shop. During our time at Rose Red, we will also have the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with artist and shop owner Lisa Doll!

Award-winning artist Lisa Doll is known for her whimsical, illustrative, and ornamental tattoos. She incorporates mystical elements, gem stones, and symbolism into her distinct work. A certified member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, Lisa Doll is also experienced in permanent makeup and scalp aesthetics. Check out her Instagram here for a look at her work and stay tuned for our exclusive chat with her. Lisa Doll’s shop, Rose Red Tattoo, is an appointment-only establishment devoted to beauty, friendliness, and a welcoming atmosphere. As a teaser for our upcoming feature, you can take a look at Rose Red’s website here. We look forward to our journey to Rose Red and can’t wait to share what we discover.