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Coming Soon: A Modified, Modernized New Site

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Attention to all our shoppers — the tattooed, the pierced, artists, and distributors alike!

We’ve been keeping things under wraps for some time now. Believe us when we say we’ve been itching like new ink to share this news with our valued shoppers. After months of hard work, developments, and careful planning, we are enthusiastic to announce the launch of our new website this March 5th!

So, what does this mean for you, dear shopper?

Well, it means a number of exciting improvements!

For now, we’d like to make you aware of the most dramatic change we’ve implemented; the modernized PainfulPleasures website will only have two stores: Retail and Wholesale.

So, what does this mean for fellow distributors who currently use our Distributor store option? 

You’ll retain all the benefits of being a distributor, with access to the same great discounts our current site offers. Additionally, your minimum purchase requirement in the new Wholesale store is now only $100, as opposed to the $500 minimum purchase requirement on our current Distributor store. The change from three stores to two is simply one that permits a cleaner website for a smoother shopping experience. 

Part of this shopping experience is the ability to switch effortlessly between Retail and Wholesale stores. You’ll be able to switch at the top and bottom of the website’s homepage. You’ll also be able to switch using the breadcrumbs that appear under the search bar. All it takes is the mere click of a button at any point while shopping — and voi-là!

What’s more?

You’ll retain all items in your shopping cart!

To all our shoppers, Retail and Wholesale alike, we’re looking forward to offering you an optimal shopping experience. Stay tuned to our news posts in the coming weeks for more information about what our new site offers.