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A Clean New Look for a Simple Shopping Experience

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March 5th is a little over two weeks away, and anticipation for our new site is mounting. It’s almost time for the big reveal of what we’ve spent months developing, and one thing is for certain: it’s going to look crisp, clean, and brand new like a freshly inked tattoo.

Our past two news posts gave an overview of updates that are sure to improve your shopping experience. In this news post, we’d like to be a little more shallow and focus on how the new site will look. After all, we’re a part of an industry that’s all about art and aesthetic values. In short, we like when things look nice.

So what will the new site look like?

The first thing you’ll notice is lots and lots of blue. PainfulPleasures blue to be precise — what can we say? It’s our favorite color. That’s why it’s in our logo!

You’ll also notice a banana yellow bar at the top of the site. This small sliver offers information about current discounts and coupon codes. Yellow perfectly accents our favorite blue monochromatic theme.

What about the design?

A lot of consideration went into the revamped design of our new site. Three of our primary goals were (and are) as follows:

  1. Simplify the user experience
  2. Build a “unified design experience.”
  3. Create a space that interacts with the user

A lot went into accomplishing these goals, and we’d say the result looks pretty darn good (though we can’t give too much away).

To simplify the user experience, we’ve made a few touch-ups: we’ve widened the search bar, and expanded the “search functionality” for easy browsing. You’ll find our new, wider search bar is very helpful in finding what you need. You’ll also find that we’ve created a series of cool and eye-catching icons for our main store categories.Condensed departments, accessible community content, and account services streamlined under one menu also contribute to our super clean, killer-slick new appearance. For more information about this conveniently redesigned shopping experience, refer to last week’s news post.

To build a unified design experience, we implemented center-aligned headers with dividers, something we’ve consistently done in our branding. Dividers make things a little less jumbled, and lot more structured. We’re all about clean work stations and organized procedures here at PainfulPleasures! Another part of the “unified design experience” is the implementation of our brand fonts. Our graphics team says this allows for a “seamless experience between our printed and our online personality.” You guys will say, “Damn, that looks fresh.” ;)

To create a “space that interacts with the user,” we’ve implemented two notification bars with alternate edgy styles. We’ve also added sliders, banners, and ads to promote new arrival products, promotions, and more!

We can’t wait for you to see it!

The big reveal will be like taking the bandage off a brand new tattoo. Are you ready?