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Celebrate National Dog Day with Pierce and Tat2

Illustration of Hungarian Puli for National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day!

Did you know our CEO Marc Gagnier brings his dog, Humphrey, into work every day? Humphrey keeps our spirits up in the warehouse and motivates us to keep working hard. 

If you’re also a lover of man’s most loyal companion, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate National Dog Day:

  1. Show your own doggos some love.
  2. Get a dog tattoo ;)
  3. Check out our Instagram feature on our company mascots, Pierce and Tat2.
  4. Consider visiting your local animal shelter and adopting a new friend in need.

You’ve likely seen Pierce and Tat2 in our newsletters or sniffing around our site. These pups are Hungarian Pulis, inspired by Humphrey and Marc’s previous furry friends. 

Pierce and Tat2 are passionate about supplying the world with quality tattoo and piercing supplies. They assist in our mission to help artists make great work and allow people with body art to express themselves.

Check out how Pierce and Tat2 are celebrating National Dog Day here and share to your own stories! You can also check out Handsome Humph's personal Instagram account here, and our latest blog on dog tattoos, “Inking Man’s Best Friend.”

Interested in adopting a pup or volunteering for local shelters? Check out any of the following rescue programs near our PainfulPleasures facilities in Hanover, Maryland.

Operation Paws events
Maryland SPCA
Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Center

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