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Calling All Artists: Submit to Our “Dreams” Art Exhibition!

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As artists and creative-minded people, you’ve probably been called a “dreamer” more than once in your life. A lot of people forget that artists are a lot more than just dreamers: they’re creators! This September, show off what you can make out of your dreams and wildest imaginations at the upcoming art exhibit in our Milkcrate Creative Space.

Haven’t heard about our seasonal exhibits?

These art exhibitions are a great way to promote local talent, build our community, and open the doors of our Milkcrate creative facilities to the general public. Each art show has a unique theme designed to inspire artistic innovation, but also unite each unique piece by a common, creative thread. This September’s theme is (you guessed it) “Dreams!” Send us your dream (or nightmare)-inspired work; we’re open to all mediums from artists of all backgrounds!

Submissions are due by September 3rd and your artwork is due for delivery to our Milkcrate Creative Space on September 10th, where it will debut at our September 21st reception. Your work will be available for viewing until October 10th.

We hope to see all of you dreamers and creators on the 21st, ready to eat hors d'oeuvre, meet other artists, and chat about your work. Submit to the “Dreams” Art Exhibition here