Belt Buckles Bonanza

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Looking to diversify your collection of belt buckles? Out of the kindness of our hearts, Painful Pleasures would like to extend a one-time offer to our customers who want to buckle up and bedeck their belt loops. This one-time offer is a bundle deal consisting of 10 randomly selected belt buckles that are able to fit belts measuring 1.5” wide. Think of this bundle deal as an exceptionally generous vending machine chock-full of fashionable accessories — 10 belt buckles at a bargain price with the added element of randomly selected surprise! We can even guarantee that you won’t receive two of the same buckle with a checkout of Quantity 1, which is more than a vending machine can say.

Act now for your bag of 10, and stay accessorized from your head to your waist! Click the link below for more details:

Belt Buckle Bundle Deal