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MAGI Rotary tattoo machine, Nikko Hurtado machine, Bishop Rotary tattoo machine

Nikko Hurtado and Franco Vescovi first started talking in 2014 about their ideal machines, which gave rise to the official release of the MAGI rotary tattoo machine in early June of this year. The MAGI Rotary is a cartridge tattoo machine constructed from only the finest materials and with a superior performance for which Bishop Rotary machines are known. Only 5000 machines were put into production - 4000 Matte Black and 1000 14k Gold Plated. With the Gold Limited Edition Collector's Box Set, you will receive a 14k Gold Plated MAGI rotary, a MAGI Fantom tube, an RCA cord, an exclusive MAGI t-shirt, and a mini Nikko Hurtado giclee print signed by Nikko himself. We only have a limited number of box sets available, so don't miss out on the chance to have your very own MAGI rotary machine today! Follow the links above for more details or search skus TAT-1620 and TAT-1621 on