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Available for Pre-order Today: Cheyenne SOL Terra + SOL Luna

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Described as the new standard in tattooing, Cheyenne's newest machines are revolutionizing the way artists work. The Cheyenne SOL Terra and SOL Luna machines feature the all-new innovative SensiDrive® technology for two wholly different tattooing experiences. Choose the Sensi setting to run the machine like a coil with a responding hit. For artists looking for a constant hit, the Hard setting will keep the power of the machine at the same intensity.

The SOL Terra and SOL Luna are Cheyenne's quietest machines with minimized vibration, but with the same strength as any other Cheyenne machine. Using these powerful yet gentle machines will result in precision tattoos, reduced pain during use, and a fast recovery for clients.

Achieve perfectly saturated lines and pack your tattoos with color with the SOL Terra, which has a 4mm stroke. For soft transitions and smooth shading in your black and grey or realism color work, opt for the SOL Luna with a 2.5mm stroke. Whichever you choose, you can expect an unparalleled tattooing experience.

Both the SOL Terra and SOL Luna machines are available today for pre-order as is. If you're looking for a full setup, we are offering the SOL Terra and the SOL Luna with a 25mm Cheyenne grip sleeve.

Happy shopping!