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Available Now: Rotten Green and Bloody Hues by World Famous Tattoo Ink

Image of World Famous Tattoo Ink Sets by Vincent Zaterra and Maks Kornev

Just in time for the thick of spooky season, we have two brand new (appropriately grisly) World Famous tattoo ink sets. Tattoo with green hues using artist Vincent Zaterra’s Rotten Green ink set, or keep things crimson with the blood-inspired pigments in Maks Kornev’s Blood Ink Set. Both sets offer 1oz bottles of tattoo ink. See the listings below for set colors and more details:

Maks Kornev Blood Set of 4 Bottles
Vincent Zattera’s Rotten Green Set of 6 Bottles

We’ve also added two new primary color ink sets by World Famous to our site. Both offer 12 bottles of bold primary colors.

12 Bottle Primary Color Ink Set #2
12 Bottle Primary Color Ink Set #3

World Famous Tattoo Ink, used by tattoo artists worldwide, is known for its hyper-concentrated pigments and vivid, bright color options. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time to explore our entire store category and see for yourself what makes it world famous.

The color of awareness is pink, and we've got plenty of pink on our site, from tattoo ink to body jewelry! Don't forget that a portion of ALL orders from this month will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. View all our latest blogs. Subscribe to our newsletter here or follow us on social media for updates on other hot new products and deals.

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