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Atmospheric Hues for Landscape Tattoos: Don’t Miss out on Frank La Natra’s Signature Series

Frank La Natra, Eternal Ink Signature Series, Frank La Natra Display Box

Longing for the vibrant, hand-selected hues of masterful tattoo artist Frank La Natra at your needle tips? Florida-based tattoo artist Frank La Natra is the owner of Into the Woods Gallery and Body Art Studio in Dania Beach, and is known for his expert fusion of fine art with new age animation, making for deftly rendered tattoos that pop with cartoonish, candy-like flavor.  Check out his Instagram here for a taste of his distinctive work.

Being avid fans of La Natra ourselves, Painful Pleasures is proud to offer his Eternal Ink Signature Series collection to artists eager to try their hands at inking landscapes and atmospheric work. We offer this series as a set of 12 1oz bottles with a colorful display box or 12 1/2oz bottles. You don’t want to miss out on this truly unique palette of 12 atmospheric hues — so, what are you waiting for? Show the world what landscapes you can create!