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Act Fast for Limited Supply Signature Series Inks!

Eternal Ink, Liz Cook Signature Series, Liz Cook, Pigment

Are you a fan of the Liz Cook Signature Series by Eternal Ink? Then you’ll want to act fast to get your hands on our limited supply of your favorite Liz Cook pigments in a 4oz size.  With the discontinuation of the 4oz Liz Cook set, several Liz Cook inks are now in short supply, including Khaki, Sage, Fuschia, and Mulberry. Check out our Liz Cook series listings to fill your caps with these signature pigments at a bargain price. Also, be sure to marvel at Liz Cook’s vibrant work, including florals, realism, and pin-ups.

P.S. Did you know that we offer a wide variety of discounted inks? Some are discontinued like the Liz Cook pigments mentioned above, and some have expired. Instead of discarding expired inks, why not use them for practice? Expired inks are great for tattooing on A Pound of Flesh products to expand your portfolio and hone your skills. Find all of our discounted Eternal pigments by browsing the Eternal Ink section. Happy shopping and happy tattooing!