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Wholesale Tongue Rings

Single Disc Gem Tongue RingsTongue piercings are one of the most popular types of piercings, and Painful Pleasures has all the wholesale tongue rings you could possibly want for your personal collection or your shop. We sell our tongue rings at wholesale prices even to the general public, but we offer extra-low prices to industry professionals who shop in our Wholesale Store and Distributor Store, and to those who purchase in bulk from any of our 3 stores, including our Retail Store.* If you're a piercer, now is the time to stock up on wholesale straight barbells so you can increase your profit margin on every tongue piercing you do!


Choosing the Best Wholesale Tongue Rings

If you're a new piercer and/or you're getting ready to open up a piercing shop and want to make sure you stock up on all the right body jewelry, including straight barbells for things like tongue piercings and nipple piercings, then you should check out our helpful articles, The New Piercer's Guide to Getting Started and Essential Supplies for Opening a Piercing Shop. Once you've stocked up on basic stainless steel straight barbells and titanium straight barbells, then it's time to focus on putting together a selection of specialty tongue rings for clients who want to wear more than plain straight barbells in their tongue piercings. Tongue rings sell well, so it's worth it to offer your clients options.

We carry a variety of cool wholesale tongue rings, gold tongue rings, and other unique tongue ring designs in our Straight Barbells section. Here are a few of our favorite specialty wholesale tongue rings and tongue ring accessories that are sure to enhance your shop's tongue ring selection:

Single Gem Orbital Tongue Ring Pill Tongue Ring Dice Tongue Ring
Orbital Tongue Rings Pill Tongue Rings Dice Tongue Rings
Flames Wholesale Tongue Ring Cowboys Tongue Ring | Football Tongue Rings Gypsy Jeweled Spinner Tongue Ring
Flaming Tongue Rings Baseball & Football Tongue Rings Spinner & Slave Tongue Rings
The Tongue Vine Tongue Ring Accessory Whistle Tongue Rings Vibrating Tongue Rings
Tongue Vine Tongue Ring Accessory Whistle Tongue Rings Vibrating Tongue Rings
Skull Tongue Rings Tongue Rings With Half Balls Koosh Beach Ball Tongue Ring
Skull Tongue Rings Half Ball Tongue Rings Koosh Ball Tongue Rings
Acrylic Straight Barbells With Colorful Top & Bottom Balls Jeweled Straight Barbells for Tongue Piercings | Jeweled Tongue Rings Picture Logo Tongue Rings
Acrylic Straight Barbells Jeweled Tongue Rings Picture Logo Tongue Rings


Getting Wholesale Tongue Rings for the Lowest Prices

Why pay full price for tongue rings when you can increase your profit margins by shopping our extensive selection of wholesale tongue rings? We're proud to sell cheap tongue rings, but to us, cheap just means low cost body jewelry, not low quality. Our wholesale tongue rings are made from only the best materials, like solid titanium, 316L surgical stainless steel, and watertight, dental-grade acrylic that doesn't fade. In fact, most Painful Pleasures body jewelry is the highest-quality jewelry on the market at the cheapest possible prices.Glitter Star Tongue Rings | Acrylic Tongue Rings With Cool Glitter Star Balls

We sell all of our body jewelry, including our wholesale tongue rings, straight to the retail public at wholesale prices even in our Retail Store, but if you're a piercer, tattoo and piercing shop owner, or other industry professional, you can buy wholesale tongue rings from us for the lowest prices you'll find online. All you have to do is shop in our Wholesale Store when you're placing an order of $100-$499.99 to enjoy specially-reduced prices offered exclusively to industry professionals. When you're placing larger piercing supply orders of $500 or more, shop in our Distributor Store to take advantage of the lowest prices we offer. To get the absolute best deals, purchase items in bulk where available, and be sure to apply one of our weekly coupon codes to your order. If you don't already get our weekly emails featuring our latest coupons and other special offers, visit your preferred store (Retail | Wholesale | Distributor), scroll down to the bottom-right corner of the page, and enter your email address in the Newsletter Sign-up box.

Happy shopping... and happy piercing!


*Applies to select items. If a product is available for a lower price when purchased in bulk, you'll see a note about the quantity requirements on its product detail page near the "Add to Cart" button.